CEO & Founder

James Ketchell

An entrepreneur with 20+ years experience with internet ventures. An avid reader, storyteller and World traveller, he splits his time between California and his homebase in the UK. An extremely proud father of twin girls, James spends his spare time on the racetrack.

Creative Lead

Gary Adams

Gary has been creating websites and apps for the best part of a decade. He has a keen eye for design and is extremely passionate about user experience. Gary loves building new things and more often than not, you will find him leading the way on LeadDigital's greenfield projects. Gary spends his spare time working on personal programming projects and gaming, he also enjoys exploring the great outdoors with his dog, Red.

Integrations Expert

Ian Bailey

Ian has a tonne of experience when it comes to back and front end systems, especially integrating the two. He’s built websites, implemented CRMs and outbound marketing systems and then made them talk to each other as well! Outside of work, Ian is often out and about with his family, usually trying to find Pokémon!


Sarah Ketchell

Sarah spent a decade in the hospitality industry before joining her husband on the digital darkside in 2001. Outside the office she is a keen runner and a dedicated yoga student. Mother of teenage twin girls and Rufus the Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Digital Marketing Manager

Matthew Payne

Matthew is an experienced Digital Marketing expert, who’s at the heart of all client marketing initiatives at LeadDigital. Google qualified, Matt manages AdWords, Amazon Advertising, MailChimp and more; with the ability to understand advanced performance data and turn it into actionable strategies for success. Beyond work Matt is also a professional folk musician, parent to two and an avid motorbike rider.


Katie Johns

Katie has over 4 years experience in Operations. She ensures that the day-to-day running of the business is functioning at maximum efficiency meeting the needs and expectations of the internal team and external clients. Katie spends her spare time getting involved with all things crafty and trying out new sweet treat creations in the kitchen.

Digital Marketing Consultant

Lee Brant

Since 2001, Lee has developed a strong background in online marketing, email marketing, online advertising and account management. Lee's goal is to ensure his clients get the best value from their investment and to maintain a professional account management service. He also provides solutions for his clients business needs, tailored to match their specific ROI and long term goals.

Graphic Designer

James Caddy

James is a graphic designer with over 17 years experience creating effective visual interfaces for web applications and online marketing across a variety of devices. He has an eye for detail and enjoys going the extra mile. During James’ spare time you will find him taking photos with his prized Nikon or deafening the neighbors with his home cinema set to 11.